Roundtable: TV Theme Songs

While there’s plenty to great TV shows, nothing is more memorable than the opening tune that sets the pace for the show. Whether it’s a short cut like Breaking Bad, an iconic tune such as Law & Order, or the classic panning of the city like The Simpsons, TV theme songs impact you like nothing else.

Which opening theme song did you never skip while watching the show?

Brian: Parks and Recreation, even now when I sometimes watch reruns of the show or a couple of episodes on Netflix, I never skip the theme.

Alex: Recently, the Daredevil Netflix Series. That sequence is the most chilling opening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the chilling piano is perfectly fitting for the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen.

Yeksson: I recently watched all 10 seasons of Friends, and I did not skip a single intro.

Shayna: The Wire. Through all five seasons, they used the same song (“Way Down in the Hole”) but it was always a very different version – different singer(s), different tempo, different instruments. Sometimes I felt like the songs aligned directly with the themes of each particular season and they were all so unique.

Which theme song did you immediately add to your playlist?

Brian: If I’m not mistaken, the very first ending theme of Naruto was “Wind” by Akeboshi, and I absolutely loved that song the first time I heard it and had to add it to my playlist.

Alex: Easily, the X-Men theme song from the 90s animated series. No lyrics were needed to capture the mutant struggle.

Yeksson: I added The Walking Dead theme almost immediately after watching Season One.  Additionally, Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals used it as his walk up music to every other at bat.

Shayna: The Community theme song. It was so fun and catchy. Also, the Freaks and Geeks theme song was already on my playlist when I watched the show.

Which theme song did you initially think was really weird but grew on you?

Brian: Justified, which features “Long Hard Times to Come” by Gangstagrass, and it was a very weird country rap hybrid that I had never heard before, but I totally get down with when I watch Justified now.

Alex:  The opening theme for Mega Man the animated series was hard to love at first. Not because it’s a bad song, but I was bitter that, for a game with such a devotion to rock and roll, none of the tracks were used or remixed for the opening.

Yeksson: House of Cards theme is nice, simple theme music which goes against the true nature of the show itself.  It is another theme I’d say I hardly skip, primarily because I am a fan of the shot of Nationals Park within the intro.

Shayna: “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor – from Orange is the New Black. Maybe I just thought the opening montage was kind of odd – but it really grew on me after a few episodes. I like that song a lot now.

Which theme song do you wish there was an extended full version of?

Brian: Parenthood’s “May God Bless and Keep You Always”. I’m not usually one for country tunes but I absolutely love that theme song and really wish there was a full version of it.

Alex:  Parks and Recreation. I always feels so productive and triumphant listening to the tune; I just wish it lasted longer.

Yeksson: I side with Alex on this.  I even tried to see if the actual song is on iTunes.  Alas, it is not. sad face

Shayna: I was going to say the Daria theme song (remember that super cool MTV show?!) but turns out there’s a full song for it and any other show theme song I can think of. YouTube is pretty great.

What are your favorite closing and opening theme songs?

Brian: My favorite opening theme has got to be Scrubs, it just perfectly encapsulated the show in my opinion and was very catchy. I already mentioned “Wind” by Akeboshi, but that has to be my favorite closing theme of all time.

Alex:   The Arrow opening and closing is always attached to a dramatic reveal or revelation. So when I hear either song, I’m always thinking about how Oliver Queen deals with the cumulative chaos in Starling City.

Yeksson: Batman: The Animated Series. I loved it as a kid and I still do now.

Shayna: True Detective (season 1) has my favorite opening theme. I loved the opening credits in general — they were edited in a cool way. That song sounds classic and it fit the show so well, despite not being directly written for the show. It’s actually an older song from the early 2000s. As for closing, Six Feet Under episodes almost always ended with the theme song. It’s an instrumental song/melody that’s a little creepy but not unhappy — not exactly cheerful either. But it fits that show so well because it’s the perfect song to complement a dark comedy like SFU.

Additional Thoughts?

Brian: The one and only time that Breaking Bad‘s theme played during the show was probably the most hype moment in the entire show for me. I was just so ready for Walt to crap on everything for the right reasons.

Alex: TV opening songs are always a nice reminder that for this short time, your program has begun and you get a moment to sink into the world. Its always nice when you hear a song out of context like at a sports game or in a commercial, because you’re reminded of that show you love.

Yeksson: There’s nothing wrong with adding TV show themes to your music library.  I am certain that Alex has the biggest collection out of anyone.

Shayna: HBO shows tend to have the best theme songs in my opinion. Maybe it’s because they usually fill up a whole two minutes and can use (nearly) a full length song, but that’s where most of my favorites come from (True Detective, The WireSix Feet Under, Game of Thrones, etc).

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Winter Preview 2014

We at NerdSwole tend to get wrapped up in everything DC and Marvel that we forget how many others amazing things are out there in the world of entertainment. Here’s a quick peek at what we’ve been loving and are looking forward to heading into the holidays.


Over the Garden Wall

This little gem premiered last week and, boy, did it take me by surprise. From the creators of FlapJack comes the story of two brothers trying to find a way home. I found myself asking who this is targeted to, as the show is unabashedly adorable, cleverly written, and downright terrifying, all in 11 minute segments. Take a look at the first of these shorts and you’ll see what I mean.


The brutally beautiful anime of the year, Attack on Titan continues to stay strong in it’s incredibly grim tale. The world have been ravaged by enormous titans who eat people. As the world converges into a singular country surrounded by three main walls, all aspects of civilzation are thrust together in the most intense of circumstances. Politics, love, military, friendship, family, and everything else in the world is challenged when ruthless beasts terrorize humanity. With an intricate story, a whole host of characters (none of whom are safe), and beautiful animation, Attack of Titan will keep your heart racing with each new episode.

Pro Tip: Subs over dubs.
Pro Tip: subs over dubs.


We have full coverage on why this show is amazing right here, but as it can’t be said enough, everyone should be watching this under-rated show.


The Walking Dead

When you learn to separate adaptations from their source material, you can both enjoy things as they are and appreciate innovativeness when appropriate. Not all adaptions are 1 to 1 (Iron Man Extremis & Mandarin stories in comparison to Iron Man 3) and some are so off the mark (Claremont’s Dark Phoenix Saga to X-Men 3), but there are the stories that take liberties where they need me and stray off to their own path. Walking Dead is one of those creatures that succeeds in that right. I’ll put this one under TV shows as well because both accomplish the same task, keep things fresh from staying separate, and, most of all, put in the effort to keep us asking for more.



Saga is an interesting book that takes everything that is great in Star Wars and succeeds by not being bogged down by the continuity of Star Wars. A space epic starring two young lovers from different species, rank, and worlds who fight to protect their child, Saga accomplishes so much development in just an issue a month. The story expands to a whole host of characters, civilizations, cultures, and incredible narration that is impossible not to love. If you’re not reading Saga, you clearly have yet to speak to Nerdswole founder Erin Abdelrazaq.



Scott Snyder is well known at the moment for American Vampire, Batman: The Black Mirror, and currently, writing the fantastic reboot of Batman for DC’s New 52. However, he’s begun Wytches, a disturbing horror tale about a young girl who sees horrific creatures and the family who has to support her throughout her youthful development. Snyder takes his own personal memories, creates a disturbing world, and with Jock’s incredibly grim art, warps everything that was once safe.

Have fun sleeping at night.
Have fun sleeping at night.


While this story takes on an old premise of body swappers and identity issues, Dark Horses’ new book creates a wholly new tone in this tale of the ages. Jericho is a man who is about to rob a museum for an antique egyptian artifact. As he dozes off before the heist, he awakens as an Egyptian ruler who finds himself betrayed by his employer. The parallels between his vivid dreams and his current underwhelming life collide as this heist becomes his way of finding meaning. This is definitely one to follow and as it just released this week, there’s no time like the present to check out this book!

Cheesy, yet appropriate. Welcome to page 1.
Cheesy, yet appropriate. Welcome to page 1.



Christopher Nolan’s latest offering is a space epic starring Matthew McConaughey, Michael Cane, and Anne Hathaway. Earth’s time is rapidly ending and the explorers are looking for their last hope: living on a new planet. The team travels through a wormhole and what they find on the other end is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Interstellar is beautiful, powerful, and you can see it now in theaters.


Big Hero 6

Disney’s latest offering cheats this category since it is based off an actual Marvel comic book limited series. Big Hero 6 stars Hiro Hamada who is technically gifted in robotics technology. After losing his brother, Hiro designs new robotics suits for him and his friends to combat evil. Disney has had a successful string of movies (Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph) and continues to push the envelope in this amazing film. Big Hero 6 is playing in theaters now.


Horrible Bosses 2

Following up on the original’s success, Horrible Bosses 2 sees our trio, the returning Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day becoming their own bosses and creating their own hit product. When their distributor decides to cheat them out of a sale, the trio decides to take charge by kidnapping his son (Chris Pine) and insanity ensues. With Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston, and Jamie Foxx reprising their roles from the original, Horrible Bosses is set to succeed where The Hangover fell off. Horribles Bosses 2 is in theaters November 26th, 2014.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The last in the epic Hobbit trilogy, we find Bilbo, Thorin and the rest of the dwarves dealing a new army to battle and an enraged Smaug to defeat. As this trilogy wraps up, audiences will be able to see two trilogies engrossed with the beautiful world of Middle Earth. This last entry releases in theaters on December 17th, 2014.



There’s plenty more on the way (not to mention games), that we’ll be doing an exclusive preview for coming soon. Let us know on twitter, facebook, or the comments below what you’re looking forward to as winter fast approaches. Don’t forget to check out our Amazon store for all the great games, comics, shows, and movies we’re recommending!

Nerdswole is at San Diego Comic Con!

You heard it right! Brian, Alex, and Erin will be at the swolest nerd event of the year: San Diego Comic Con 2014!

Of course, we’ll be on the show floor, waiting for panels, and hauling all sorts of swag. However, we’re also here to witness the big events. Keep checking up on the Nerd Swole homepage for live updates and articles about the breaking news and releases that will be unveiled here at San Diego Comic-Con! Starting Thursday, all three of us will be posting as often as possible up until Sunday to cover the convention and make it like you came here yourself!

Now, to add to the SDCC hype train, here’s a list our must-see panels and booths!


Every year I’ve been going to the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones panels because they always have good footage and bring out the entire cast to talk and answer questions. Both panels are always a fun time, the creators and cast seem to love the environment. Apart from that, I think everyone should be watching the Image Comics panels to see all the best of the best in the comics industry and to hear what’s new creative ideas are releasing soon.

The Walking Dead Panel 2013
The Walking Dead Panel 2013


I’m super excited about Saturday’s Hall H presentations. Hall H will have Marvel and Warner Brothers. I’m also extremely excited to test play Super Smash Bros 4 in the Nintendo lounge. However, my favorite activity is always looking at all of the amazing cosplay people do. Here are some examples from last year:

Otacon from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
Otacon from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
Warriors of Asgard protecting Mjolnr.
Warriors of Asgard protecting Mjolnr.
Red Son Superman
Red Son Superman
Brian will be cosplaying this year, look out for his costume!


While the con itself was jam-packed with every fandom in existence, events and locales around the area were just as incredible. From the Nintendo Lounge (aka the mini-E3), the DC Charity Booth featuring custom KIA vehicles and auctioned off artwork, and even the Walking Dead obstacle course at Padres stadium, the whole city was alive with passion and excitement. Within the con, I can hardly wait for the Marvel and Warner Bros panels on Saturday, along with the premiere of Batman: Assault on Arkham!

Promotional Hobbit set piece from 2013.
Auctioned off Batman artwork.
And lastly, exclusives! Megaman & Megaman X from Capcom Booth!































Please feel free to contact me/us if you want to meet up at SDCC 2014!

Brian: @theTwentyTwo
Erin: @GuyNamedErin
Alex: @Bumsteezy